Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean

~Ryunosuke Satoro

Are you feeling bogged down with piles of paper, tasks or that “to-do list” associated with your business/personal and realizing there is just not enough time in a day to get done and focus on the true work for you, business and the TRUE important stuff.

Preserve your sanity by allowing GirlFridayNB to transform your inbox from “to do” to “done”!

The Value of Your Time

Some people are hesitant to consider hiring a virtual assistant because they do not understand that they CAN afford it. Remember, when you hire that permanent staff member, there is a learning curve and before that person gets up to the speed and simply, a lack of experience. What about the days of sick calls? or Vacation? If you are doing all the work yourself, trying to conduct your business and millions of interuptions…many wasted hours that are not following your true business plan to success. If during a business day it takes you 3-4hours we can do it in far less time and save your business dollars.

Project Planning

Each project or business plan is unique to you / your business and take the time to understand and learn. GirlFridayNB will always take the “free consultation hour” to learn your needs, desires, goals and “the pieces” to making your business “puzzle” whole by establishing a quote/plan that is efficient and cost effective the coninsides with your projects. Our quotes will not only give you a cost but an estimated time frame for completion of individual projects.

Projects and timelines of business campaigns will be worked through and detailed because at GirlFridayNB , we are  committed to performing high-quality work and guarantee your satisfaction growth with our team.

Where am I spending time?

Marketing is a double edged sword as we all know.  GirlFridayNB is aware that marketing your business and time with your clients  are equally valuable because one cannot exist without the other. The percentage of clients should always outweigh your time you spend marketing. Our staff is wanting to make your “pie chart” increase with business/clients and where you will not forget about your life and the “important stuff”.  This can be your “pie” when allowing us to help you grow your business.

  • Clients
  • Marketing Time
  • Family Time