about us

GirlFridayNB Marketing and Business building is an experienced team: coaching, marketing, and innovated solutions. We create innovated marketing solutions for companies looking to engage your social media audiences and activate your brand and help you build your business while allowing you to work YOUR business. GirlFridayNB will coach and lead to grow yourself in growing your business and find the proper mindset to focus on the “one thing” that will allow the business to expand the growth. GirlFriday NB realizes that most business owners do not have the time or energy to keep up with their social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, etc. to make their business grow on an effective level and quite simply, a coach to bounce things off of with understanding.

Hi there! It is amazing how Girl Friday NB has helped and engaged my business.
Although they help with my social media, they are more than just that. They are willing answer questions to help me with engaging my my customers and my business.

Thank you Girl Friday for allowing me to concentrate on my business and give me the opportunity to not have to spend huge dollars on social media advertising.

Girl Friday NB has produced countless business solutions for non-profits as well as profit businesses, we know how to engage an audience on behalf of our clients. Through our years of networking, marketing and personal relationships have increased our clients and the ability of bringing our customers¬† “brands” to life.